Semi-Screwless vs Standard Sides (Full Screwed )Trailers

Full Screwed vs Semi-Screwless Trailers

While most enclosed trailers are built using screws, some manufacturers offer semi-screwless as an option. Semi-screwless means that they use the screwless installation method. However, manufactures still add a few screws in some areas along with a glue material.

Regardless of which method is used, it is important that each aluminum sheet overlap the adjacent sheet. The first sheet gets installed at the back of the trailer so that each new sheet can overlap the one that was previously installed. The seams then will all face backward. The reason for this is so that the wind cannot get under the sheets and cause problems.

Semi-screwless trailers provide a sleeker look for decals and wraps. This is because there are fewer screw heads that create humps in the vinyl. Another advantage of having a semi-screwless trailer over a screwed exterior is that aluminum sheets are installed so that they can expand and contract with temperature changes. This greatly reduces wrinkles, especially noticeable on darker colors.

Some people prefer the look of a standard side (full screwed) trailer and feel more security in having the extra screw hardware attached. Also noted, in certain color options, a fully screwed trailer will appear to have more noticeable waves due to the heads of the extra screws.

In summary, it all comes down to preference when choosing an enclosed trailer. For more information, be sure and discuss all options with your dealer.

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